The special program “Pushkin’s Card” for young people of school and student age has been running since September last year. Its rules were approved by order of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 2122-r. This year the balance on the card is 5000 rubles.

The Pushkin card can be obtained by young people aged 14 to 22 and used to pay for entrance tickets to theaters, museums and concert halls. What is useful “Pushkin card”:

– a schoolboy or student aged 14 to 22 can receive it;

– in 2022, 5,000 rubles from the state will be immediately available on the card;

– the child or his parents will be able to replenish it themselves as needed;

– 5000 rubles from the Pushkin card can be spent on visiting museums, theaters, concerts and other cultural centers;

– On January 1 of each year, the state will replenish the nominal “Pushkin card” until the owner turns 23 years old.

The list of cultural events to visit with the Pushkin Card can be found on the Kultura.RF portal or in the State Services. Culture. In addition to visiting museums, from February 1 this year, the card can be used to buy tickets for Russian-made films in cinemas. You can spend up to 2,000 rubles on a movie.

An application for a Pushkin card can be submitted through the personal account of public services, registration is also required in the mobile application “Gosuslugi.Kultura” (Android and Iphone). At the request of the child or his parents, the card will be issued in a virtual (electronic) format. It can be used from any gadget.

Post-Bank has been appointed the official operator of the Pushkin Card. There you can get a card in plastic form and with a unique design. The card is issued free of charge without charging fees and commissions.