Richard Martinec, an 8-year-old student from Brno and the son of a coward, created a website about sexual education, which also includes quizzes.
| photo: archive of Richard Martinec

Research by Brno sexologists Petry Sejbalov and medical popularizer Jana Martincov, who was attended by 1,600 students in 2020, showed that the majority of young people get their knowledge about sex from the Internet, not from porn. Only fifteen percent of those interviewed encountered darkness in their families.

My main idea was to help my peers, because my website can also be used as a help for teachers who want to teach sex education, comments the son of a turned coward who tries to appeal to both laymen and experts. And so the author of pages from their books erp.

An eight-year-old student from Brno and the son of the poor Richard Martinec

On the website, people can find information about body changes during adolescence, sexual organs, relationships and sex, but also about general health, exercise and diet.

In addition, students can test their knowledge in short quizzes that take a few minutes and apply to all four chapters.

In addition to them, there are also links to books from which visitors can glean facts. I notice a lot of misinformation about sex on the Internet, but according to research, many people get only from it, comments Martinec.

For many teenagers, this intimate darkness can be sensitive, and parents and teachers often feel embarrassed when they have to talk about sex. Experts advise to start sexual education at an early age, firstly, it is possible to avoid feelings of embarrassment in the future.

Of course, at a certain age it was not always pleasant for me to discuss some things with my parents. Somehow, however, we talked about this darkness at home by the bike, so I didn’t see it as such a problem, see Martinec.