In recent weeks, the champion of the Republic of Cink has been complaining about allergies, due to which he is unable to perform optimally. Twenty-fiveth place is his worst result of the season, losing 11 seconds to the winner on the fast track.

Schwarzbauer won by dominating two seconds ahead of Olympic champion Thomas Pidcock of Britain, who dominated cross country in Albstadt last weekend. The third was Italian Filippo Colombo at the same time.

Neff won the length of her round ahead of SP leader Rebecca Ellen McConnell of Australia. The third was the 2016 Rio Olympic Champion Jenny Rissveds from Sweden, who took second place in the Gracia Orlová road race two weeks ago.

The home competitors finished at the end of the field. Čábelická was thirty-five, Tvarůžková after the fall, one lap apart, the penultimate thirty-eight. “I did not succeed in the race. Compared to last year, it has accelerated a lot, I like the new track. But it was an aviation day today, and the moment you made a mistake and stayed a little behind, it was a bad ride, “Čábelická told Czech Television, which had several collisions before the middle of the race and the main group did not stay.

The races of the elite categories in the Olympic cross country will take place on Sunday.

World Cup race

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Short track:
Men: 1. Schwarzbauer (DEU) 22:40, 2. Pidcock (Brit.), 3. Colombo (It.) Both -2,…25. Zinc (CZE) -11.
SP standings: 1. Schurter (Switzerland) 572, 2. Marotte (Fr.) 381, 3. Colombo 366, … 14. Zinc 237.

Women: 1. Neff (Swiss) 21:01, 2. McConnell (Austr.), 3. Rissveds (Sweden) both -1, …35. Čábelická -1: 29, 38. Tvarůžková (both CR) -1 round.
SP standings: 1. McConnell 685, 2. Terpstra (Niz.) 408, 3. Lecomte (Fr.) 386, …29. Tvarůžková 123, 44. Czeczinkarová (CZE) 67, 45. Čábelická 60.