The coronation of King Charles III with his wife, the Queen Consort Camilla Parkeris a few weeks away from taking place, but the situation seems to have become complicated for the royal couple.

Well, the popularity of Camilla Parker in the United Kingdom it has been a very worrying issue, since it has not managed to win the affection of the British people and occupies one of the last positions in the acceptance rankings.

In addition, the rejection of several famous singers to do a Show after the ceremony has been reported, this has set off much more alarms in the family and has led to speculation about the reasons behind these rejections.

Some believe that the artists do not agree with the ascension to the throne of the King Charles III, due to his scandalous behaviors in recent times. Others believe that it is due to the unpopularity of Camilla Parker and the lack of support for her coronation as Queen.

Despite speculation, the coronation of the royal couple is still underway and is expected to be too important an event for British royalty, this because this moment was not celebrated 70 years ago, since the deceased Queen isabel II ascended the throne, it is also expected to be a ceremony with new and important changes, which will mark the beginning of the modern monarchy.