The woman changes into the shape of a Barbie doll.
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Lana has her salon in New Jersey and is said to be a great inspiration for her clients. Women often ask her to do the same make-up as she has. She wants to look perfect so she can inspire clients. “I do not compete with anyone, I do not share my views with anyone. “I don’t force anything on anyone,” the woman said.

She often adds her photos to a profile on a social network, where she also presents her work as a beautician and makeup artist. In the past, she underwent a nose job, had her lips enlarged, cheekbones adjusted, and her breasts enlarged with silicone implants. She has false eyelashes, nails and extended hair.

“I often get attention on the street. I see people looking at me and taking pictures discreetly. It’s nice for someone to compliment me. However, I have to deal with insults, “she confided.

Both women and men go to her salon. She is often asked about her appearance and has even contacted her plastic surgeon several times. “They tell me I’m like a living Barbie. It makes me glad. I have loved Barbie since childhood. It is a symbol of beauty for me, “she added.