The woman fell ill with the flu and lost all her limbs

Resident USA lost all her limbs after contracting the flu. About it reports Fox News.

Christine Fox, 42, a high school principal in Ohio, fell ill with the flu in March 2020. The woman went to the hospital, where she was prescribed an antiviral drug and sent home. The next day, Fox’s condition deteriorated sharply. A friend of the woman’s medical background measured her blood pressure and oxygen levels, and both were critically low. Fox was rushed to the hospital. “After 30 minutes I was connected to a ventilator. They told me I probably wouldn’t survive,” she says.

The patient developed bacterial pneumonia, which led to kidney and lung failure. A few days later, doctors discovered that Fox had gone into septic shock. She was put into an induced coma. To stop the spread of infection, doctors had to amputate the woman’s legs below the knees and arms below the elbows.

After the operation, doctors brought Fox out of the coma, and three days later she was able to breathe on her own and was disconnected from the ventilator. The woman was discharged a few weeks later and underwent two intensive six-week courses of physiotherapy.

Currently, the woman has returned to work at school and walks with the help of prostheses. “I don’t use prosthetic hands at all. I learned to live without them – it’s easier this way. I even drive a car without them,” she says.

Previously reportedwhat in Indonesia The penis of a man suffering from malignant priapism was amputated. The patient also had to undergo chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

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