With a suggestive description of the tactical nuclear weapons explosion, Vladimir Sorokin throws the shadows into his new novel, Doctor Garin. His DJ is set in a near, dystopian future, where Kazakhstan first invaded the Altai Republic.

In Rome, only in the spring, the Czechs published by Pistorius & Olansk, Sorokin builds on his previous work, in which he describes the disturbing future of Russia and Europe. After a series of nuclear conflicts, the old continent fell into the Middle Ages, where tyrants and Asian hordes came to rule again. on tibia and crushed Russia again putty ruthless tsar. But the world of the future is also symbolized by picturesque mutants and technical sophistication.

But naming Sorokin’s work as ordinary sci-fi would be easy. In the novelty, Doctor Garin combines satire with cyberpunk and quotes from denk Soviet dissidents.

I am fascinated by his ability to adapt to styles and fists not only in the very modern and postmodern, but also almost classic, warns Sorokin’s court translator and Russian Libor Dvok in the narrative of the old Roman Vnice, which describes Dr. Garin’s painful journey to the snow-covered village. They are close to the best Russian classics, Surreln Sorokin’s world just flashes forward.

This is a novelty called Dr. Garin, the writer of the world. They introduce you to specially bred humanoid creatures that were supposed to rule their lands. Their advantages are, among other things, enormously developed background. As for booties or ass, I would say that it is a clear indication that modern politicians often remain in other worlds than other mortals, and that for this they also have artificially created preconditions for the purchase of a specific form of their own, designed to the problem was mainly settled, he thought about the bizarre motif of Dvok. Sorokin gave these heroes quite a few names: Boris, Donald, Angela, Justin, Emmanuel and you Sylvio. He gave bootie Vladimir then kept repeating the sentence: J wasn’t.

Two binoculars

Sm Dvok would recommend the Romani Day for acquaintance with the current Russian author. The book, made famous by our theatrical adaptation with the life performance of Karel Dobrho, describes the Russian future from the point of view of the Tsar’s tyrannical team.

esk vydn romnu Doktor Garin

So, in the current light day, did Sorokina become a father? I can listen to a story from someone who published the day of Oprinka, his Vladimir defended himself. Among other things, he stated that he did not know his texts as a prophecy of Russia and the worlds of the future and that it was a certain artistic fiction, Dvok points out. He once said this in front of his friend-historian in connection with the First Day, and the historian got drunk: It’s just an incredible fact that it’s just fiction … Vladimir Putin’s gosudar rise is quite certain in his mind and translator.

His approach to everyday reality is a very reminiscent year, which I once heard from his beloved Russian literary creator, one of Strugackch’s couple, Arkady Nathanie, beat Dvok. In the first interview I conducted with us (then for the magazine Sovtsk literatura), he stated, among other things, what both brothers systematically and their team: We do not have sci-fi days, it’s just a form. In fact, they are realistic, in which we dream of answering the questions that people ask today and every day, but you can’t find the answer.

Sorokin speaks a similar way: nr is just an optic for him, how to look at the confusion of the day. An attempt to describe the present by classical literary means against the attempt to shoot a bird that flew first. To see reality today, you need two binoculars. One from the past and one from the future, explained to the American Times NY Timeswho arrived in exile in Berlin.

Sorokin took refuge here just days before the wolves were arrested. He subsequently presented his opinion on Putin’s aggression in an essay A monster from the past, which is freely available in Dvokov peklada on the websites of Czech publishers. According to him, the character of Vladimir Putin was distorted by the pyramid of power that Ivan Hrozn built in Russia. During these five centuries, the principle of Russian state power has not changed. What I consider the greatest tragedy on earth is here.

Libor Dvok (73)

esk noviny, commentator for eskho radio Plus and translator from a routine who has long focused on Russia and the post-Soviet region. Among the authors, their hands, brothers Strugat, Mikhail Bulgakov, Anton Pavlov echov or the first Vladimir Sorokin.

Libor Dvo

And he stayed in Russia and into the Norse, and the writers were accompanied by an uprising scandalist, because of which books were torn in front of the Bolim Tatras and they went to both corridors. That was more than twenty years ago, when his romantic Goluboje salo (Blue pek, esky did not work), in which Sorokin described, among other things, the sexual act between Stalin and Chruov.

The description of sexual scenes was never avoided by the Russian writer, as a young man in the Soviet Union, he survived the fact that he wrote erotic troubles for birds. This level of Sorokin’s work from the Czech books available is best represented by the romantic Tict Marinina lska, which was published in our country twice. Based on pornography, in which the writers, in addition to a change in protest, traveled to both countries, the proputin’s association Jdouc spolen, but the Russian court refused at the time. A similar scandal in 2005 was caused by the Moscow performance of Rosenthal’s opera, to which Sorokin wrote a libretto and which resulted in an attempt to clone a prominent Russian composer.

Gnius and decadent

Critics, in addition to sex, say a number of violent scenes. I grew up in a country where there was a mouthful of air that everyone breathed. Also, when people ask me, because there is so much strength in my books, the author responded to them that I was from it to the stamps and marinated.

Sorokin esky

Tict Marinina lska (1995, 2010)

Front (2003)

The oprinka (2009)

Vnice (2011)

Telurie (2014)

Manaraga (2017)

Dr. Garin (2022)

Sorokin, of course, belongs to the first series of Putin’s work, but in previous years, similarly to other cars, constantly criticizing his regime (Ulick, Alexijevi), and also other artists, Putin was unaware that his work was just the same. all the Russian population who thinks straight away what he sm. However, in recent weeks, this has dramatically rewarded me for my critical attitude towards the wolf vs. Putin, even fifteen years later, warns Libor Dvok.

His fans consider him a gnia, and if a patriotic-minded guy gets to his lyrics by chance, they consider him a decadent and a furious Russophobe. Therefore, Sorokin and his wife remain in Berlin, where American newspapers arrived for them due to the publication of eight books in English. In addition to writing, he also paints. His canes are just as surreal as the romn.

Sorokin declared that he was drilling into Russia, and someone else would enter there and otherwise. As soon as it happens, it’s up to date today, concludes Dvok, which is preparing for five years to translate a collection of short stories Sugar Kremlin, loosely following Oprinka Day.

And it probably won’t be the last point. The Russian writer has only two possibilities. Either bt or pst. Yes, Sorokin was heard.