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The windows of the 19th-century merchant Khlebnikov’s house on Preobrazhenskaya Square were mutilated

The problem is that the house is not protected by conservation status. And this is despite the fact that it is called a valuable city-forming object and an element of the sightseeing place “Preobrazhenskaya Square – the center of the village of Preobrazhenskoye – Preobrazhenskaya Sloboda of the 17th century.”

And here’s how informs public movement “Arkhnadzor”, over the weekend someone smashed the window openings of this two-story building. Apparently, the owners (or tenants) of the premises wanted to replace the windows, but they decided to remove the old ones in the most barbaric way, literally tearing them out of the wall, because of which not only the green plaster was damaged, but also the historical masonry of the walls itself.

Archnadzor activists assume that these works have not been coordinated with anyone, so they sent an appeal to the Moscow Department of Cultural Heritage to try to stop the destruction. In addition, they recalled that in 2017 they already tried to remake the house by adding an entrance to a cafe to it, but then they managed to return the building to its original appearance.