Recently, the prince william has again been a victim of rumors and accusations against him, now, a former employee of the kensington palace has revealed details about the true behavior of the eldest son of the King Charles III when the cameras and the public are not watching.

It is said that the next heir to the throne of England is “prone to tantrums“, the anonymous source who ha savagely accused prince williamhe told the expert about royalty, Tom Quinnthat Kate Middleton She has to put up with these tantrums too, but knowing how to do it, she says the Princess of Wales deals with the prince’s tantrums the same way she does her three children.

The former employee who has accused the prince with this rumor also revealed to Quinn that “Kate treats him like he’s her fourth child, because he’s so prone to tantrums.‘This according to The British Daily’Express‘. Let’s remember that Quinn previously would have insured that, like many couples, the princes of Wales often have intense arguments, «They have strong fights. But while some couples struggle and throw objects at each other, William and Kate keep themselves in check.«.

Due to this, several rumors about the future mandate of Prince William, when he inherits the throne, have begun to spread in the United Kingdomwhere many fans believe that it will be really difficult to work together with William because of his temper.

Whether these accusations are true or not, we must bear in mind that Prince William and Kate Middleton do not spend most of their time alone, due to the large amount of employees that haunt the corridors of his residence, in Kensington Palace, for this very reason, the princes of Wales must also be cautious when they decide to argue for whatever reason.