The conflict between the artistic director of Lenkom, Mark Varshaver, and the widow of Nikolai Karachentsov, actress Lyudmila Porgina, dragged on for several years. In the last couple of weeks, it has become extremely aggravated.

Progina recently complained that Varshaver pushed her to secondary roles, depriving her of a decent income. The actress and the artistic director constantly caustically criticize each other. At the same time, Varshaver does not intend to retire Progina, claiming that she perfectly shows herself in the crowd. For Porgina, this is probably the heaviest insult, since she has always been one of the first stars of the theater.

The protracted conflict also affected the health of Karachentsov’s widow. Not so long ago, she underwent surgery to remove a benign tumor. Against the background of stress and illness, Progina lost 20 kg.

After the operation, the actress is undergoing a rehabilitation course in Bulgaria, but does not want to give up in the fight against Varshaver and plans to go to Lenkom as soon as she arrives in her homeland.

photo: Russia 1