The coronation of King Charles III it can be seen badly positioned by the controversial request of the Queen consort Camila Parker Bowles.

Camila Parker Bowles is currently one of the most controversial figures in the United Kingdomdue to her position in the British royalty, but the problem does not lie here, it is in the way how she became one of the most important people in the United Kingdom, by becoming the beloved of King Charles III as part of a infidelitythis is not well seen and less in royalty.

Now we know that she does not want to keep a low profile next to her beloved, wanting to wear one of the most valuable possessions of the British royalty at the coronation of King Charles III, a crown which is still currently disputed by 3 more monarchieswhich could put royalty and the very mandate of King Carlos III at high risk, the crown dating from the 20th century (1937), has more than three thousand precious stones of the most refined origin, including a huge diamond of Hindu origin.

This is why King Carlos III is being pressured, the decisions that royalty is making at this time, and the woeful relationship that he maintains with his children, it is currently uncertain if they will attend his coronation.