The West has doubts about further supplies of modern tanks to Ukraine

There’s no sign that Germany or any other country that has modern tanks Leopard 2is ready to continue supplying them Ukraine. About it writes Forbes.

As the publication notes, Ukraine’s allies chose one of the easiest ways to donate tanks to the Ukrainian Armed Forces: pay the Czech company CSG Defense to take the old ones T-72M developments of the 1980s, replaced the engines and some of the electronics, installed dynamic armor, renamed them “T-72EA” and sent Kyiv.

T-72s help compensate for the meager supply of Leopard 2 (71 tanks) that the country received from its allies in NATO. The Ukrainians have lost at least 11 of their Leopard 2s and expect to receive 14 more as replacements next year. 14 ex-British Challenger 2 and 21 American M-1s complement the Ukrainian arsenal of modern Western-style tanks.

“Even if we take into account 200 weakly protected tanks Leopard 1, which Ukraine will receive, the total fleet of Western tanks may ultimately amount to 350. But this is exactly how many tanks Ukraine loses per year. Although United States may end up offering more M-1s, there is no indication that Germany or any other country with Leopard 2s is willing to continue supplying them to Ukraine,” Forbes writes.

As the publication emphasizes, if the special military operation continues in 2025, Kyiv will likely have to receive tanks “from somewhere else.”

Previously ex-adviser Leonid Kuchma Oleg Soskin stated that the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky decided throw the Ukrainian Armed Forces on the offensive without weapons. According to him, Zelensky made this decision against the backdrop of a possible shutdown in the United States and the reluctance of the Speaker of the House of Representatives Mike Johnson provide money to Ukraine.

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