The West called on Ukraine to offer Russia a truce and go on the defensive

Ukraine you need to go on the defensive and offer Russia truce, to this called American experts Richard Haas and Charles Kapchan in an article for Foreign Affairs.

They noted that in the long term this will be a strategic advantage for Kyivsince diplomacy offers a more realistic way to end the conflict.

According to Haas and Kapchan, the transition of Ukrainian troops to the defensive and the proposal for a truce could lead to three scenarios. In the first of them, Russia will launch an active offensive, which is much more difficult than defending. In the second and third, she will have to either refuse the truce and remain in a position of uncertainty, or agree to a settlement.

Washington “It is necessary to take a leading role in initiating consultations with Ukraine and Western allies aimed at persuading Kiev to offer a ceasefire while moving from an offensive to a defensive strategy,” the article’s authors noted.

They noted that the West should not put pressure on the Ukrainian authorities on the terms of peace negotiations, but should convince them of the need for a new strategy. Experts have admitted that Kyiv risks losing the support of its Western allies over time.

Haas and Kapchan also indicated that the West should offer Ukraine a special relationship with NATO And European Union (EU) for an indefinite transition period, and also promise to maintain anti-Russian sanctions until the withdrawal of troops from Ukrainian territory.

Previously The Wall Street Journal statedthat Western countries need to stop believing in illusions about Russia’s defeat in the conflict in Ukraine. According to the authors of the material, USA and their allies should move to a containment strategy.
In turn, the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky admittedthat the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) will have to retreat if the West stops helping them.

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