The epidemic is really slowing down. The reproductive component fell to unity, in some regions it even fell below unity. Answer it with my prediction. This wave should culminate in the next ten days, and during August we should watch its decline, said Josef Pavlovic.

According to Namstek, the prediction is also supported by developments from other European countries. The country, which was a few weeks ahead, was overtaken by the wave. For example, Portugal is six weeks ahead and is currently on a downward spiral. We expect the same development in us.

The omicron variant BA.5 is in use

And how is the hospital coping with the situation? In several ICUs, the situation is stable, the occupancy of covid patients is kept at a low number of people, although during the peaks of the pandemic in previous years there were several thousand people. This means that the situation should definitely not escalate to these high levels. And all predictive models assume that within ten to thirteen days we should see a release of pressure on hospitals, said Pavlovic.

He fed the horseshoe to the health workers. Because they are on vacation, there is a shortage of staff and they are dedicated to patients with covid.

According to the Deputy Minister of Health, the omikron variant BA.5 is currently in use in the Czech Republic. It is one of those that is very aggressive and, according to experts, its speed in women is really that of dysentery, which is one of the most infectious diseases.

Nmstek in Rozstel confirmed that the ministry has already given covid waves in the fall and winter, which will be much stronger than the current ones. There is a need to explain where the waves are divided. It’s about what viral nlo you get in lt and what in fall. In autumn, the air is dry, we are not outside as much, contacts are more intense and the weather is hot. This will also have a negative impact on the immune system, Pavlovic explains, adding that the resulting pressure on hospitals will be negative in the fall.

Lockdowns are definitely rejected

The only essential protection is the frame. Since the 18th edition, the public has been chained to the second booster, especially the risk groups. Josef Pavlovic, however, recommends that healthy people of productive age should take a break from their fourth marriage.

If you are healthy, do sports, don’t suffer from a disease called gout and you have a chain link behind you, definitely let the dvka and na z or just. In this way, protect yourself from the possible autumn waves, and do your best to protect the company’s assets, council members.

Josef Pavlovic immediately ruled out that he would be able to fulfill any lockdowns in autumn or winter. Don’t sweat the fact that shackles or negative tests are a condition for specific activities, including leisure activities, as was the case in past years. We definitely reject that.

But when there are crashing waves, gloves and respirators may come back, for example in public transport or in shops. However, according to the council, it would be best for this measure to operate on a voluntary basis.

If we are simply moving in large crowds, we should carry our hand, especially when the wave is on the upswing. We always know that the most vulnerable among us work in healthcare and social services. There is no shame in wearing a hand and respirator. It is used by Asian peoples who wear respirators even in public transport, it does not bother anyone, recommends Pavlovic.

Prevention against covid

This means that we definitely want to appeal to individual responsibility, we want to communicate with citizens as partners, we want to help them and we will help them. And most of all, if I don’t have time, I can stay at home so I don’t get sick longer, I think.

At the same time, in Rozstel, Dresden called on citizens to take advantage of the possibilities of preventive visits at practical doctors. The pressure on prevention has been considerable in the last two years. If I haven’t seen my practical assistant for two years, it’s time to fix it. Check the dates of your preventive examinations, find out which screenings you should have. This will prevent the development of other diseases.

Two years of covid have increased the obesity of the population. People gained a few kilograms. This summer, we have more opportunities for exercise and a healthy diet. This is the right moment when we should take care of ourselves, we should do sports and do our best for prevention, so that we enter the autumn wave as healthy as possible, concluded the minister.

How and where is covid-19 spreading at the moment? Did the epidemic affect the tourist list? How is testing done in R at the moment and who is eligible for free tests? And will other diseases be recognized at that time? This was also answered by Josef Pavlovic, Deputy Minister of Health from the Pirtsk party, in Rozstel.