Momentka u utkn Francie – esko.
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The home volleyball players in Orleans entered the grip and won six of the first seven innings. The Czech volleyball players ruined a lot of service, but they managed to erase the seven-point shortage when they settled at 18:18 at the start of the team-mate Denisa Pavlkov. The ending of the bag belonged to a representative of the Gallic rooster.

So in a kind of orchard, the girls of the Czech coach Jannis Athanasopulos had to catch up. In a nervous kind of halves marked by the controversial years of the German decision of Oana Cristina Fortuov, the Czech volleyball players reached the set at 24:23, but the French turned it off and then added their most productive play Lucille Gicquelov, who sent them to the 200-point leadership.

In tet sad domc, the representatives quickly jumped to a seven-point difference. The Czechs approached 10:13, but then they stopped giving up and clearly lost. The code of the end is that we didn’t go through that set. The French showed that they play strong volleyball at home. It was nice and we take the medal home. I hope that this silver service is regrettable for the Czech libero Veronika Dostlov, who was at the Czech triumph three years ago.

The French were remarkably more productive in the flow. In Czech colors, only one-point universal Gabriela Orvoov got over ten points.

Leton peaks for Czech volleyball players come later. In August there is a qualification for the European Championships and in the autumn the World Championships. I would like to remind you again that during these seasons the gold European League was not our main goal. I’m very proud of how they fought in the cell. This year, the longest qualification for us is the European Championship and not another tournament, ekl eck coach.

He saw the main difference on the hill. We must work on this element. And I think we have to turn to this activity for a billion. It’s a problem I see in Czech volleyball. We discuss it. It’s something we have to stick to if we want to deal with world spades, he added.

The finals of the European Volleyball League

Orleans (France)

France – esko 3: 0 (22, 25, 14)
Fortuov (Nm.), Robles Garca (p.). as: 86 min. Divci: 2174

Lineup and R-points: Faltnov 5, Jehlov 4, Orvoov 11, Mlejnkov 6, Trnkov 5, Valkov, libero Dostlov – Pavlkov 1, Grabovsk, Svobodov 1, Bukovsk, Blakov.

France’s biggest point: Gicquelov 20, Sylvesov 12, Cazauteov 11.