The French footballer kylian mbappe He never thought that the moment he was caught pleasuring himself in a mini pool would cause such a stir on social networks. And it is that she was his partner paris st germain, the brazilian Neymar Jr, who caught it red-handed and posted it on his official Twitter account Instagram.

Due to all the repercussions left by the Soccer World Cup Qatar 2022, Different viral moments that some footballers experienced in the year began to be disclosed 2022 in their respective clubs or in other aspects of their daily lives.

Mbappé was one of them, since thanks to his enormous popularity in networks, the curious moment in which he was caught giving himself “self-pleasure” went viral again.

Neymar was the one who discovered the young and popular French soccer player in a mini pool, where he was supposedly going to start touching his private parts, as reported by the Brazilian in his story of instagram and by other means around the world.

In the photo shared by his partner, he is seen mbappe without underwear sitting in a spa, holding his phone with one hand. And there at that moment Neymar arrives and takes the photograph that became responsible for all the commotion that the moment caused in the social media.

The moment has clearly given the world a buzz, thanks to Kylian being easily one of the most desired footballers by both men and women around the world.

And you, what do you think of the fun moment he captured? Neymar Jr with kylian mbappe?