The victims in the Trepova case filed claims for two million rubles

Victims in the case Daria Trepova (listed as terrorists and extremists Rosfinmonitoring) They demand about two million rubles from her. This is reported by TASS.

The victims filed claims for the corresponding amount.

Previously became knownthat the Second Western District Military Court at a visiting session in St. Petersburg plans to consider the case of Trepova, accused of terrorism, by the end of 2023. This period is set in case unforeseen circumstances occur, for example, illness of the participants in the process.

The terrorist attack, at the direction of Ukrainian curators, against the military commander was carried out on April 2 in one of the cafes in St. Petersburg. According to investigators, accused Trepova supplied with a fake driver’s license in the name of a real-life student and sent to a meeting with Tatarsky with a figurine stuffed with explosives. As a result of the explosion, the correspondent did not survive, and another 52 people were injured.

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