January 5, 2023, 02:29 – Public News Service – OSN

United States Department of State Spokesperson America Ned Price said that Washington has taken off the agenda the restoration of the nuclear deal with Iran, focusing on countering Tehran’s cooperation with Moscow.

He spoke during a briefing for journalists as follows: “The JCPOA has not been on the agenda for several months. At the top of our agenda is doing everything we can to uphold the universal rights of the people of Iran and counter the growing security cooperation between Iran and Russia.”

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Earlier, Director of the North America Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Alexander Darchiev made a statement that the Russian side advised the new US Ambassador to Moscow, Lynn Tracy, to abandon the idea of ​​interfering in the internal affairs of the country.

The diplomat noted that such actions by American diplomats cannot be carried out even under the guise of working with “civil society.”

According to the official of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Tracy needs to take into account the mistakes of one of his predecessors, who, as the diplomat recalled, “began badly, barely arriving at the duty station.” More about it read in material Public news service.