The US named an alternative to helping Ukraine

Former presidential advisor USA Ronald Reagan Doug Bandow stated that the conflict Ukraine does not contribute to the development of the American economy. This is what he’s talking about wrote in an article for the American Conservative magazine.

Bandow named an alternative to helping Ukraine and recommended that the United States throw money over the country instead of helping Ukraine.

“Carpet bombing America with money would create more jobs than sending weapons industry products to Ukraine,” the former Reagan adviser urged.

The expert added that help Kyiv does not help the American economy in the way that the White House describes it. The funds allocated to Ukraine could be used to develop areas that are more productive for the United States. According to Bandow, Washington we should strive to end, rather than expand, the conflict in Ukraine. The specialist added that the authorities need to take care of the country’s citizens, “and not come up with bad excuses for terrible decisions.”

Previously in the US accepted government funding plan without aid to Ukraine and Israel. Bill already approved by the House of Representatives US Congresssupported by 87 senators.

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