January 6, 2023, 03:58 – Public News Service – OSN

Television presenter Tucker Carlson made the claim that United States of America create “panic” around Russian Federation and subsequently apply it in their own politics.

He pointed to the fact that earlier information was published that the contender for the post of head of state, Hillary Clinton, ordered her own office to create all possible influence on how the election process will go.

“To hush up this oversight, the Clinton campaign claimed that Russia did it, that the Russians hacked the servers,” the Fox News television channel quotes the text of his statement.

Carlmon stressed that the intelligence officers were well aware that these statements were false, but they decided to remain silent on this issue due to the fact that they realized how convenient the accusations against the Russian Federation were.

From his point of view, it follows that such moves have become a normal way of responding to incidents in the government. Any things that the country’s establishment did not like began to be promoted as disinformation from the Russian Federation, using a similar approach to censor.

Thus, the United States managed to block a huge number of pages on the social network Twitter, claiming that they belonged to the Russian Federation. In reality, the messages sent from them differed from the official point of view of the United States.

Recall that the leader of the United States, Joseph Biden made a statement that the confrontation unfolding in the Ukrainian territories has entered a phase of critical importance, and the state needs to take every step that will help the Kyiv regime.

The politician shared this point of view in the framework of frequent reports that the country plans to transfer the next supplies, expressed in the means of warfare.

It was also recently reported that Germany plans to raise military support for the Kyiv regime to a new level. More on the topic read in material Public news service.