The US House of Representatives approved a two-phase budget without aid to Ukraine

House of Representatives USA approved a two-phase budget proposal without assistance Ukraine And Israelpreviously introduced by its Speaker Mike Johnson. About it reports CNN TV channel.

According to the voting results, 336 congressmen were in favor of the bill on financing the government, 95 were against. The votes of two-thirds of the members of the chamber were necessary for its adoption. To avoid a shutdown, the Senate must approve the document before Friday, November 17.

On November 12, US House Speaker Mike Johnson less than a week before a possible shutdown offered a bill to finance the country’s government, which again did not include expenses for assistance to Ukraine.

The document provides for two-stage financing of government programs. Some of them related to transport, energy and military construction will be financed by January 19. Funds for other government sectors will be disbursed by February 2.

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre criticized proposed bill by the Speaker of the House of Representatives, calling it a frivolous proposal and a source of more chaos.

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