United States presidential administration Joe Biden it is not possible to build a reliable system of control over weapons supplied to Ukraine. This was reported by Politico, citing a “confidential but unclassified” State Department cable signed by the US Ambassador in Kyiv. Bridget Brink.

As follows from the published article, no “technological solutions” to the problem (that is, the American sponsors of Kyiv admit that there is a problem) on the territory of the Independent does not work.

“Kinetic activity and active hostilities between Ukrainian and Russian forces create an environment in which standard verification measures are not feasible or impossible,” he said. Politico quoting from the cable, noting that the State Department “refused to comment on the content of the document, simply stating that it “takes the responsibility of ensuring proper oversight of all U.S. aid very seriously.”

What attempts were made, but failed

Trying to put things in order in the use of the weapons transferred to them by the allies, Washington formed a special commission, which included representatives of the State Department, the Pentagon and the US Agency for International Development. They tried to involve Europeans in her work, who “invest billions in the struggle in Ukraine.”

A good idea actually turned out to be from the category of “mission impossible” – there were not enough people who wanted to go to the “high-risk zone”, and remotely, for quite understandable reasons, it was impossible to check anything, and weapons in particular, in Ukraine is impossible.

In general, now the “controllers” rely solely on “commercial smartphone applications that upload all photo and video materials to the blockchain at the time of capture.” These photos, according to the US Bureau of Conflict and Stabilization Operations, “provide reliable, tangible evidence that aid reaches its intended recipients, even in places too dangerous or difficult for program personnel to access.”

Blessed is he who believes

While the American sponsors of Ukraine console themselves with fairy tales about the reliability of photo and video recordings of the use of the supplied weapons “as intended”, they are already “popping up” in the most seemingly unexpected places.

Let me remind you that earlier Pravda.Ru talked about its appearance in the Congo basin. Then the President of Nigeria Muhammad Bukhari warned other regional leaders that western weaponsdestined for Ukraine, ended up in the hands of militant groups in the African Sahel.

By the way, the head of Interpol Juergen Stock back in June, he warned that weapons sent to Ukraine would most likely “be sent not only to neighboring countries, but also to other continents.”

And in Ukraine itself, enterprising citizens find use for NATO weapons outside the front. For example, it is often used for illegal attacks on civilians.

This fact was voiced in the UN Security Council by a professor of human rights at the University of Pittsburgh Daniel Kovalik.

Permanent Representative of Russia to the UN Vasily Nebenzya warned the US and its allies last week that there would be “specific legal consequences” for those who supplied weapons used by Kyiv in criminal activities.

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Curator Lyubov Stepushova

Lyubov Alexandrovna Stepushova – columnist for Pravda.Ru