The US approved the confiscation of Russian assets

Foreign Affairs Committee US Senate approved confiscation of Russian assets to aid Ukraine and “other purposes”. About this with reference to the documents of the authority reports Vedomosti newspaper.

20 out of 21 members of the relevant committee voted in support of the document allowing the withdrawal of Russian money. According to the committee chairman Ben Cardinthe bill will for the first time create conditions for the confiscation of funds of the country with which USA is not at war. Moreover, the document, if adopted, will allow the confiscation and use of only 5 billion dollars out of 300 billion frozen by Western countries – most of the assets are blocked in Europe.

According to the director of the Russian International Affairs Council Ivan Timofeevaat the beginning of 2024 only Canada There is a mechanism for confiscation of Russian assets. According to the law, the same tool in the United States is allowed to be used only in relation to assets involved in criminal cases.

“We are talking about very large assets, caution is logical and understandable, as well as fear of a reaction Russia“added a researcher at the Center for European Studies MGIMO Artem Sokolov. In his opinion, the benefit that EU will receive from confiscation is significant only in the short term, while in the medium and long term it may raise questions about the reliability of the European market for large players like India, China and Arab states.

US Presidential Administration Joe Biden “basically welcomed» adoption of a bill to confiscate $300 billion in Russian funds for the reconstruction of Ukraine. A corresponding note was sent to the Foreign Relations Committee of the US Senate. According to journalists, the administration of the American leader supported this decision against the backdrop of emerging concerns Washington difficulties with providing financial assistance Kyiv.

As Politico newspaper reported, a number of EU countries concerned consequences of the use of frozen Russian assets.
We are talking primarily about the threat of retaliatory measures that Russia may take and the legal consequences of such a decision. Sources call the most likely outcome in which the European Union will agree only on taxation of profits from Russian assets in order to send funds to support Ukraine.

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