The US announced the need to start negotiations with Russia

United States with European partners should start discussing with Ukraine strategy, which is based on negotiations with Russia. About it writes Foreign Affairs magazine (F.A.).

It is noted that the counter-offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) has stalled due to worsening weather. In addition, political willingness to continue to provide military and economic support Kyiv began to weaken in both the United States and Europe. “These circumstances dictate the need for a comprehensive reassessment of the current strategy that Kyiv and its partners are pursuing,” the material says.

The author of the article also expressed the opinion that the Kyiv authorities need to change priorities from trying to return the territories to protecting and restoring more than 80 percent of the lands.

Formerly former Assistant Under Secretary of Defense Stephen Bryan expressed the opinion that if the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky will not agree to negotiate with Moscowthen protests may begin within Ukraine.

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