The US announced that US aid to Ukraine was “hanging by a thread” because of Trump

Help USA Ukraine “hanging by a thread” because of the ex-president of the United States Donald Trump. The newspaper reports this Financial Times (FT).

According to the publication, Trump wants to make the migration issue one of the main plots in the 2024 election campaign. His victories in the New Hampshire primary and the Arizona caucus only strengthen his chances of election and strengthen his influence on the agenda Republican Party. Therefore, Republicans refuse to adopt a bill on aid to Ukraine, demanding a solution to the migration issue.

“It is unlikely that additional aid will be provided in the near future, given the chaos in the Republican Party,” the publication quotes the words of a former assistant to the Democratic majority leader in US Senate Jim Manley.

Previously became It is known that Trump can put pressure on Congress on the issue of migration in order to disrupt the approval of aid to Ukraine.

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