The US announced its inability to increase military power in the Middle East

USA unable to build up military power in the Middle East due to the actions of Congress, which refuses to pass a budget. The newspaper reports this Politico.

According to the publication, Pentagon estimated that he needs about $1.6 billion to increase the number of troops in the Middle East region. The defense department estimates the figure could rise to $2.2 billion, including the cost of sending additional warships, fighter jets and equipment to the region and maintaining them there over the past four months. However, the Pentagon does not have similar resources to send troops.

“Legislators are aware of unplanned expenses and are thinking about how to pay for them. Options include adding it to the annual spending bill, adding it to the $111 billion emergency supplemental package for Ukraine And Israel or financing it through a separate allowance for military expenses,” the publication notes.

In addition, these funds do not include the cost of missiles used against Shiite Houthi rebels in Yemen. Therefore, these numbers may increase.

Previously at the Pentagon called fighter delivery times F-16 Ukraine. According to the defense department, Western countries will deliver them in 2024.

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