The US announced an even greater threat to the Ukrainian Armed Forces due to Lancet drones

Russian Lancet loitering munitions are turning into a huge threat to the Armed Forces Ukraine (APU) on the battlefield, writes American publication Business Insider.

The authors of the article note that the improved “Lancets” explode in the air, releasing a “shock core” towards the target. Thus, Russian drones do not even have to directly engage the target – the Lancets bypass additional protection without getting stuck in it and hitting armored vehicles such as Bradleys.

“Russian Lancets have become a serious threat on the battlefield in Ukraine, their range and power are constantly being improved,” the material says.

Previously military expert, retired colonel Andrey Koshkin revealed details about the new Russian loitering munition “Scalpel”. According to him, it is practically not inferior in characteristics to the Lancets.

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