The US and South Korea have revised their containment strategy due to the threat of North Korea

USA And South Korea renegotiated a bilateral security agreement aimed at containing nuclear and missile threats from DPRKand promised to continue the pressure on Pyongyang. This is reported by Reuters.

It is noted that the review was necessary because the past strategy did not adequately take into account the rapid development of North Korea’s missile and nuclear program. South Korean Defense Minister Shin Won-sik and his US counterpart Lloyd Austin signed an updated “Tailored Deterrence Strategy” (TDS) at security talks in Seoul.

Representatives of the two countries said they agreed to intensify joint exercises and cooperation with Japanto deter and better prepare for any North Korean attack.

Recent visits by a U.S. nuclear ballistic missile submarine and a B-52 aircraft to South Korea were “milestones” in deterrence efforts, Austin said. He noted that the pace of such deployment could continue despite other global crises.

Previously, the DPRK Foreign Ministry statedthat aggressive US actions, including military exercises with South Korea, are pushing the Korean Peninsula towards nuclear war.

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