The US accused Zelensky of wanting to continue the conflict

Former agent CIA Phil Giraldi in an interview YouTube- the Judging Freedom channel said that the president Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky the only one in the country who wants to continue the conflict in its current form.

In his opinion, the Ukrainian leader, for political and possibly personal reasons, does not want to end the conflict. Giraldi believes that the head of state is mistaken in adhering to such a position.

The former CIA agent added that currently U.S.A Another, more serious problem has arisen due to the worsening situation in the Middle East. “Support for Ukraine is crumbling because it is unsustainable and always has been,” Giraldi said.

Previously reportedthat Western countries believe that the conflict in Ukraine can be resolved according to the Korean scenario with the organization of military bases NATO in the country. They would like to freeze the borders of the current front line, and the rest of Ukraine, like South Koreaprotected by American security guarantees and even US bases.

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