The former royal chef Darren McGrady, who was Princess Diana’s personal chef for many years and oversaw all of the Duchess’s culinary functions, said of Prince William and Prince Harry: “These children are true princes, but they still have the palates of a child.”

Although the prince william Y Harry They weren’t as complicated when it came to eating as an average, McGrady, said that it was difficult for them to eat their vegetables, so he had to come up with some tricks so that Prince William and Prince Harry would eat them.

In an interview, Darren said:

When Princess Diana was hosting and the princes were at the table, it was easy for her to say, Darren, give the boys chicken fingers and fries, but she insisted they eat the same as the other guests.

Every Saturday, William Y Harry They go to the courtroom dining room to take tennis lessons and they took the opportunity to eat cupcakes. Darren, knowing the princes’ taste for cakes, decided to be inspired by that to create cakes himself with the necessary vegetables for the children.

For this reason, he recommends that when a child is going to be given a new food, the best option is to give it along with some food that they know the child likes and that little by little they get used to it.