Through the social media, the way in which Shakira would have discovered that his ex-partner, the former Spanish footballer Gerard Piqué, he was unfaithful with his current girlfriend, the young Clara Chia Marti. But what has caught the attention of Internet users is the curious way in which Shakira discovered everything.

The way in which it is presumed that Shakira discovered that Piqué brought Clara Chia Martí into his house in Barcelona, ​​Spain, It has caused a whole discussion on social networks, and also some laughter among the internatuas

In a video of a youtuber that analyzes in detail each element shown in the video ‘I congratulate you’ that Shakira performed with the singer Rauw Alejandro, The way in which the Colombian discovered everything that was happening has been evidenced.

At minute 1:32 of the aforementioned video, the interpreter of ‘Waka waka’ appears opening a fridge where you can see the head of Rauw Alejandro. Inside it, there are some jars of jam that, according to the youtuber, are a clear reflection of Shakira’s taste for organic strawberry jam, but that Piqué did not like in the slightest.

And although many do not believe it, that is where the suspicions of Shakira with the existence of Clara Chia, since everything was known from the famous jam, because one day the artist went on a trip and when she arrived, the jam had been consumed.

The singer had to go on a trip for a few days due to issues related to her career, and when she returned home, she opened her fridge and noticed that her jam jars were empty. And when analyzing the situation, Shakira knew very well that the former footballer of the Barcelona Fc It had not been the one who ate that jam, since he did not consume that type of food due to his strict diet as a high-performance athlete.

“She began to see and observe various changes, little things that were beginning to be missing in the refrigerator, her food and the children’s, not Piqué’s, and that was when she began to suspect,” said the youtuber.

In a private interview with Shakira and that has not yet come to light, the singer said that her fridge was divided between her and Piqué’s food, since the footballer had a special diet due to his status as a high-performance athlete. In fact, Piqué was prohibited from consuming sugar, so when he saw that his jams were empty, he immediately knew that his ex-partner had brought another person into his house.

And yes, as we already know the story, it was about Clara Chia Marti, one of your employees at your company Kosmos.

This way of discovering infidelity has gone viral on networks, where some laugh and others condemn the impudence that Pique he had when he brought Clara Chia into the interpreter’s house.