Lionel Messi, the most iconic, talented and important footballer of the last 20 years, has a close relationship with his compatriot, the Argentine singer Nicky Nicole, where both admire each other, they are from the town of rosary beads And maybe you didn’t know.

The singer and artist Nicki Nicole visualized a Lionel Messi meme on the screen of her show with her iconic viral video during a crossover with the Dutchman Wout Weghorst in the mixed zone, to whom he said, What are you looking at, fool? Go there…”

As seen in a video published by the popular interpreter, she jumps and sings with her dancers as a way of celebrating the victory.

Also, Messi and Nicki Nicole have dated each other and even had a crazy party years ago. In June of this year, in an interview with the website playground, The young singer recounted the craziest night she has ever experienced, but of which she has no proof.

It all happened in 2019, when Nicki Nicole began his fame and was invited by the soccer star to his private party called Circ du Solei of Messi. There, the young star enjoyed a great party courtesy of the iconic athlete, showing that his friendship is closer than we thought.

Another of the unknown details between the artist and Messi is that they are both fans of Newells, As reported by the media a while ago Hey Argentinian.

And you, do you like the friendship between Lionel Messi Y Nicki Nicole?