legendary american actor Johnny Depp is an icon of cinema worldwide, especially for his iconic role as the pirate Jack Sparrow in the saga Pirates of the Caribbean. But, what were the real reasons why he was chosen to star in this iconic saga?

At the time Pirates of the Caribbean was released, the studios and producers of Disney they were massively debating between two factors; Between making a traditional production, or capturing new audiences beyond children. It was from the demand of Johnny Depp for the role, where he stated that he had to attract the adolescent public and in practice he went much further than this public.

The producer Jerry Bruckheimer, He was in charge of creating the world-renowned Jack Sparrow, ranging from his physique to his personality. The producer wanted to turn pirate movies on their head, incorporating a more cartoonish character and some fantastic elements into the plot. The success generated by these decisions should not even be a matter of debate.

For Disney, competing with the adventure cinema generated by other giant film producers was the most appropriate and successful option, and although they did not like Johnny Depp’s style very much because they considered it contrary to the company’s statutes, they ended up accepting it and make him one of the most famous and beloved characters in his industry.

Johnny Depp conquered children, adolescents and many adults with his character of Jack Sparrow, which unfortunately the outcome of this story has been very unpleasant to this day, in which the actor lost his character without generating a decent closure due to the legal battle who lives with his ex-wife, also an actress Amber Heard.