life is complete, zavskla Kamila Kamu Rundusovwho may have been riding in her second home, in a tropical paradise called Costa Rica, to welcome her mistress Robi.

The fans took a break at that moment, because the cook and the influencer had nothing else to do with their friends lately, and that started to get a little annoying and monotonous.

Kamu and her friend Robi have a life as painted. And he on the run only in red Cossacks …

First in the Czech Republic, he oversaw the publication and expedition of Vesmir, that is, a supernaturally good book, and he went to neighboring Poland. There he fought the ice with other mui and the court, according to the moments of the concentration camp, did not stop here and did not bend much.

Robho’s mission in Europe is slowly coming to an end, in just a moment and we will have a dream together. Thank you for everything, you are the rainbow and the light of my heart, said a somewhat poetic and upset longing and longing Kamu, who eventually had some fun in Costa Rica kilns.

She glorified a new nest with a garden, thanks to which she could take a flax into the family. We moved to a small dungle and then …, lured by sv vrn.

Although she didn’t want another dog at first, Mishka quickly got it from the ditch …

I went to see this bar, which was found in the ditch in a terrible condition. I fell in love with. She’s the sweetest and most beautiful creature, I named her Mishka, because she was my best friend who died when we were girls, continued the first known cook and now the writer.

When the world goes crazy and we sometimes lose the heat, the sight of these about us reminds that good exists, they said to me, moved Kamila, who will hopefully incorporate her ps comrades into the dal books.

He works in Poland on the course otuovn or boys Kolo, kolo mlnsk

On the pages of all its literary points, the pets did not care what it should fix quickly. He also draws special recipes not only for dogs but also coca and gave most members of the family. Surely it would spill not enough of them, or it would consult the universe or other galaxies.

It is known that they would do the first and last for them, so such a publication would certainly be in a hurry and Kamu could do something about it again. This is due to the fact that ice cream in Costa Rica would not be so much for sale and living costs were growing there, not only in the Czech Republic and Europe in general …