The United States named a dangerous enemy of Ukraine in Germany

German politician, deputy Bundestag Sarah Wagenknecht has already demonstrated the ability to skillfully convey its anti-war position. In addition, it is very popular, said a specialist in Central Europe and Russiaex-diplomat Molly O’Neill in an article for Responsible Statecraft.

“Being often the only opponent of the dominant (in German politics) position on Ukraine“, she (Wagenknecht) offers arguments that are always convincing, specific and impartial,” the expert clarified.

According to O’Neill, Sarah Wagenknecht has been very popular in the world for quite some time. Germany. She cited the results of a survey by Bild. It was found that Wagenknecht was inferior only to the German Minister of Defense Boris Pistorius and President of the Christian Social Union Markus Zeder.

The ex-diplomat added that Wagenknecht’s popularity is connected precisely with her striking speeches against support Kyiv.

In October Sarah Wagenknecht statedWhat European Union it is necessary to achieve a truce in Ukraine due to the decrease in support from USA. She also added that EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell’s promises of new financial support are incredible given the refusal US Congress include assistance to Ukraine in the draft budget for next year.

In addition, previously Wagenknecht statedthat he does not see Ukraine in the EU due to a weak economy and high corruption. According to her, the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky will have to compromise with Russia.

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