The United States has denied reports of the withdrawal of American troops from Syria

Media reports that USA allegedly considering the possibility of withdrawing their troops from Syria are unreliable. About it RIA News a senior official said Pentagon.

“No, these messages are erroneous,” the agency’s interlocutor noted.

Earlier, Al Monitor, and after it Foreign Policy magazine, published information that Washington is considering the possibility of a complete withdrawal of American troops from Syria. As journalists noted, the United States administration is currently discussing when and how troops could be withdrawn. However, a final decision on this issue has not yet been made.

January 12 reportedthat an unmanned aerial vehicle attacked a US military base in Hasakah in northeastern Syria. It was noted that as a result of the drone strike, three explosions occurred on the territory of the facility.

Last November, ex-analyst CIA Larry Johnson toldthat US troops are suffering losses in the Middle East as the conflict escalates Israel And Palestine.

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