The United States announced the reluctance of Ukrainians to fight for their country

Ukrainians do not want to fight for their country and only want to leave it. Monica Showalter states this in an article for American Thinker.

She thinks that Ukraine it is necessary to begin peace negotiations with RF and seek compromises. Ukraine needs to become a good country for which citizens will want to fight even at the cost of their lives, writes Shoulter. The journalist was very surprised by the news about Ukrainians who do not go to the front and dream of leaving their homeland.

“The fact that they do not consider their country worthy of fighting says a lot about what kind of “country” this is,” the woman concluded.

Previously became knownthat the Ukrainian military began to desert more often due to the failures of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU). The morale of the Ukrainian Armed Forces soldiers was undermined by the failure of the summer offensive: they lost many soldiers, and the new weapons did not affect the course of the conflict.

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