The United States announced the development of a new defensive strategy for Ukraine

Administration of the President U.S.A Joe Biden after an unsuccessful counter-offensive, the Armed Forces of Ukraine are developing a new strategy for Ukraine. The new plan puts the emphasis not on trying to seize territory, but on helping Kyiv in repelling new possible attacks, newspaper journalists said Washington Post (WP).

“Still reeling from last year’s failed counteroffensive in Ukraine, the Biden administration is developing a new strategy that doesn’t emphasize gaining territory,” the article said.

It is also indicated that the new defensive strategy will be aimed at “strengthening the military power and economy” of Ukraine. According to the publication’s source, it will be difficult for Kyiv to try to launch another major offensive on all fronts.

Previously military expert Andrey Koshkin toldthat the prospects for a new counter-offensive by Ukraine at the moment remain unclear. According to him, Washington requires the country to move to more active action, but at the same time sends a group to move to strategic defense.

In addition, retired senior lieutenant of the People’s Militia of the Donetsk People’s Republic Alexander Matyushin statedthat Kyiv completely stopped the offensive in order to build a tight defense. Thus, the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) are copying tactics Russia,

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