The United States announced cooperation with China on sanctions against Russia. What are the two countries trying to agree on?

Assistant Secretary of State for Energy Geoffrey Pyatt said that United States are in intensive cooperation with China on issues related to sanctions against Russia and the oil price ceiling. This is reported by RIA News.

During the briefing, journalists asked Pyatt a question about the United States’ work in the Asia-Pacific region related to Western sanctions against Russia.

I will note that we are in very intensive cooperation with Chinese allies on all these issues around the price ceiling and the sanctions regime

Geoffrey Pyatt

Assistant Secretary of State for Energy Affairs

The US threatened China with sanctions if it helped Russia

US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen warned China on possible sanctions if the country provides assistance to Russia in a special military operation in Ukraine.

According to the head of the department, Washington There is evidence that certain private Chinese companies may be assisting Russia by supplying the country with “equipment critical to Russia’s military efforts” and materials with the support of financial institutions. She noted that the connection of such organizations with the Chinese government has not been proven.

During our negotiations, I emphasized that it is extremely important for us that [китайские] companies did not provide material support to the Russian military-industrial complex, and that we are ready to introduce further sanctions. We would like China to stop this

Janet Yellen

US Treasury Secretary

By wordsthe United States believes that Beijing continues to refrain from arms supplies Moscow for use in Ukraine.

Beijing worried about US pressure

Deputy Prime Minister State Council of the People’s Republic of China He Lifeng expressed concerns about pressure on Chinese companies from the United States.

The Chinese side clearly expressed its concerns about US bilateral investment restrictions on China, sanctions and suppression of Chinese companies, export controls on China and additional tariffs on China, and demanded that the US respond with concrete actions

He Lifeng

Vice Premier of the State Council of the People’s Republic of China

Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Wang Wenbinin turn, emphasized that Beijing will take decisive measures to protect its companies after American sanctions.

According to him, such actions by Washington are an example of economic coercion. Wenbin called on the United States to stop its wrong actions. “China will take decisive measures to protect its interests,” he promised.

In April, the Special Representative of the Chinese Government for Korean Peninsula Affairs Liu Xiaomin answered when asked about arms supplies to Russia and Ukraine and stressed that China has never sent such aid to both countries.

China, I will emphasize once again, is not the instigator or participant in the Ukrainian crisis and has never provided military weapons to any of the parties to the Ukrainian conflict

Liu Xiaomin

Special Representative of the Chinese Government for Korean Peninsula Affairs

The diplomat also added that the United States does not have the right to dictate orders to China regarding such supplies.

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