The United States announced China’s desire to adhere to “friendship without borders” with Russia

Chapter China Xi Jinping does not deviate one iota from the “friendship without borders” that he promised to the Russian President Vladimir Putin before the start of the special operation on Ukraine. The columnist stated this Der Spiegel.

Russian and Chinese leaders adopted a joint statement in February 2022 that friendship between the countries “has no borders.” A German journalist suggests that this may be related to the failure of negotiations between China and USA November 16, which did not lead to an improvement in relations between the two countries.

“This is not a significant improvement, let alone a breakthrough, in the historically poor relations between China and the United States. This is, at best, a kind of temporary truce during the Cold War between the superpowers,” the author of the article commented on the meeting of the American president Joe Biden and Xi Jinping.

The columnist noted that the heads of the United States and China did nothing to resolve the conflict in Ukraine, and also “never formulated even an idea on how to stop the conflict in the Middle East.” The journalist believes that in the situation with the aggravation around the Gaza Strip, Xi Jinping is portraying false neutrality, while in fact he supports Iran and his allies.

Previously in the US told on cooperation with China on the topic of sanctions against Russia. They said that the two countries also teamed up with Chinese allies on issues surrounding the price ceiling for oil exports from the Russian Federation.

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