The Northern Ireland Regional Parliament, which according to Stormont, has 90 seats and decides to vote in 18 constituencies. The wall voice lasts according to the relatively complex system of one portable voice.

At 17:30 SEL, Sinn Fin won at least 23 out of 90 kesels. Its main rival, the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP), has so far made 21 kesels. After 15 counts, the Aliann Party of Northern Ireland (APNI) won, which is probably the best result in history.

The Northern Ulster Unionist Party (UUP) will have at least nine deputies. The Socio-Democratic Party and the Labor Party (SDLP) have at least six constructors. He gave you a difference between political groups and non-partisans. A total of 77 out of 90 kesel are served.

DUP chairman Jeffrey Donaldson, in an interview with Sky News, acknowledged that the republicans were moving towards a historic victory in the local elections. It seems that Sinn Fin will become the leading party, he said. The results so far confirm the decline of the DUP, which supports the retention of Northern Ireland in the alliance with the British.

The leadership of the left and the nationalist-oriented grouping, which advocates the unification of the Republic of Ireland with this part of the island, wrote in the first screening. Sinn Fin thus had the opportunity to elect a prime minister.

The current Deputy Prime Minister Michelle ONeill, who will become the head of the new government, marked Saturday as a historic day. Today is a very significant moment of change. It is a defining moment for our politics and people, said ONeill. She added that a time had come for a healthy debate on the settlement of a united Ireland.

Despite the victory of the left-wing nationalists, who originally took the political role of the paramilitary organization IRA, especially the prospect of a united Ireland, the referendum needed to withdraw from the United Kingdom is in the competence of the British government.

The two largest parties will refer to each other when assembling the future government. Since 1998, the Republican and Unionists have complied with the agreement on the debt of power for the establishment of large-scale agreements, which ended the long-running conflict in the country.

But over the new government negotiations, the so-called Northern Ireland Protocol is over, causing Northern Ireland to lose its strong ties with the United Kingdom because it must comply with EU and customs union rules. DUP demands the abolition of this pobrexit mechanism and wins that it will not be a flight to another joint government with Sinn Fin.