The Ukrainian minister announced the serial production of combat drones in the country

Ukrainian Minister for Strategic Industries Alexander Kamyshin stated that the country has entered mass production of its own drones. His words leads Forbes Ukraine.

According to the official, produced at Ukraine unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) should become an analogue of the Iranian Shaheds. In addition, he argues that at the moment it is the defense industry that makes a significant contribution to the growth of the republic’s economy.

“Starting with what is called the “Ukrainian shahed”, we do not name the name of this product, but we went into mass production of it and now (produce) dozens per month, continuing with many other items that we previously produced very little, but now have decent numbers,” the minister said during the annual meeting of the European Business Association.

In October Kamyshin already shared Ukraine’s plans to create its own UAVs. He estimates the government expects to produce tens of thousands of drones every month.

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