The Ukrainian Armed Forces military officer declared the commanders’ faith in the flight of Russian soldiers from the Leopard species

Large-scale counter-offensive of the Armed Forces Ukraine (UAF) was based on the hope that Russian troops would get scared and run away when Western armored vehicles appeared. Ukrainian Armed Forces officer Nikolai Melnik spoke about this, Forbes writes.

“The Russian sees the Bradley, the Leopard, and runs away,” said the 38-year-old senior lieutenant. However, he admitted, the Ukrainian command underestimated the resolve of the Armed Forces RF defend the borders.

At the same time, Melnyk added, Ukrainian commanders made a mistake by changing the organization and equipment of the units, destroying cohesion. In addition, the military man indicated that the Ukrainian Armed Forces’ aviation did not arrive to support the ground forces.

The publication notes that for the hero of the article, the counteroffensive ended very quickly – on the very first day he stepped on a mine and lost his leg.

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