The types of Russian equipment modernized during the Northern Military District are named

After the start of a special military operation (SVO) in the territory Ukraine some types of Russian equipment were modernized in accordance with new realities and tasks at the front. A military expert, first-rank reserve captain, spoke about this in a conversation with Vasily Dandykin.

“Modernization took place primarily regarding armored vehicles, protection of armored vehicles. It may have been at a primitive level at first, but then it became factory-grade from shaped charges. This is also the modernization of tank destruction systems and anti-tank defense. There may be no talk of modernization here, but a heavy flamethrower system has arrived “Tosochka””, he explained.

According to the military expert, modernization has made it possible to reduce personnel losses and begin to conduct battles more effectively.

“[Модернизация была] starting with small arms, ending with high-power weapons that work. This all has to do with what the troops faced. There were proposals, there was communication with enterprises and design bureaus, it is still happening, and all this is being modernized,” concluded Vasily Dandykin.

Previously in Russia told about the main Russian weapon in the zone of the Ukrainian military conflict. According to a committee member State Duma on defense Yuri Shvytkinnot a single type of equipment and ammunition will be effective without an ordinary Russian soldier.

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