The Tula paratrooper has destroyed more than a hundred Ukrainian Armed Forces since the beginning of the special operation

Russian Ministry of Defense reported that a paratrooper from Tula with the call sign King, since the beginning of the special military operation, managed to destroy more than a hundred military personnel of the Armed Forces Ukraine (APU) and 20 units of equipment using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), transmits RIA News.

“The head of the FPV drone crew managed to destroy more than twenty units of enemy equipment, including NATO models and more than 100 [солдат ВСУ]”, the department stated.

It is noted that the fighter was awarded the St. George Cross, IV degree, for the excellent performance of a combat mission in the Artemovsk direction, during which he supported attack aircraft who were engaged in capturing enemy positions, and also destroyed several units of Ukrainian Armed Forces equipment.

Previously Colonel Security services of Ukraine (SBU) retired Oleg Starikov appreciated the Ukrainian Armed Forces’ ability to counter new Russian tactics using drones, emphasizing that small air assets can deliver highly accurate firepower and are difficult to intercept. He added that the drones are controlled remotely using miniature infrastructure that is difficult to hit.

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