New information has come to light and it was revealed that Shakira did not discover the existence of Clara Chia via the jam he had in his fridge, as previously thought. According to information given by Spanish journalists Lorraine Vazquez and Laura FaThe Colombian already knew Clara as a worker in Gerard Piqué’s company, but she never considered her a threat. However, the Colombian was surprised to discover that her replacement was Clara Chía herself.

In her new song with Bizarrap, the Barranquillera revealed new details about the end of her relationship with the father of her two children through her own voice.

According to the journalists and the revelations of ShakiraGerard cried and pleaded with the singer to get back together after the couple decided to give themselves a second chance in April 2022.

However, at that time the singer was unaware that Piqué was already in a relationship with Clara, who first appeared in her life as a special friend and later as a co-worker.

The journalists also affirm that Piqué’s parents already knew Clara Chia before the relationship between the singer and the soccer player ended and that they both took advantage of it when Shakira he was going on vacation with his children to invite his son and his new girlfriend to his house.

All this was made known thanks to an “informant”, but it is unknown exactly who it was, even so the journalists assure that:

Shakira knew about that visit instantly and did not need any jam container to discover that her ex-partner was already maintaining a new relationship in secret.

It is not clear if the parents of Gerard Piqué They covered up her son’s romance with Clara, but the new information has left the Colombian hurt with her ex-mother-in-law, who is also now her neighbor.