Meghan Markle and the prince harry They have revealed the secret of how they met, although they previously said it was a blind date, the version they tell in the first chapter of their new series on Netflix gives us an alternative scene where the couple meets for the first time.

Right out of the box the two had amazing chemistry on their first date, and as a result, they are now married with two children.

The wait ended when the prince harry Y Meghan Markle finally launched their own series on Netflix, the delivery will be 6 chapters, 3 of which are already available, and the rest will arrive on the platform on December 15 And in the first episode, they talked about their childhood memories, how they met, what their lives were like, and then they talked about why they decided to give up their royal rights.

Meghan Markle she was determined to enjoy her bachelorhood until love came into her life, since right after finishing filming suits, began to travel around Europe and other parts of the world, and that was when the Prince Harry.

As for the prince, he had several plans in preparation by the British royal family, until one day, he came across a video shared by one of his friends on his Instagram account of 2 girls using the famous “dog” filter of Snapchat, to which he asked for one of them, which turned out to be Meghan, at which time, his friend wrote to Meghan Markle to tell him that he prince harry wanted to meet her.

She accepted, they exchanged phone numbers and after talking for a while they began to plan their first date, they agreed to meet for the first time in the 76 dean streetMeghan was on time but couldn’t say the same quote, Prince Harry claims he was stuck in traffic and texted Meghan to tell them how long it would take to get there.

After a long wait, Harry he enters the restaurant and apologizes for the delay. «He was embarrassed for being lateMeghan said.

The two had a blast during the date which lasted around an hour, “it was so much fun, we were like kids,” Meghan said, also admitting that she proposed to her on a second date the same day, to which Harry agreed.

A day later they met in the same place, and then the prince came first, Markle, He was only a few minutes late, he said he was late, but he’s almost there, and Prince Harry replied:

You can come as late as you want, I’m not going to move, I want to see you again.

After a few successful dates, Meghan Y Harry they told their friends what happened and how they felt about it, luckily the feelings are mutual and they are happy to have met each other.

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