The new official monarch of the United Kingdom, the King Charles III throughout her life she has had the economic opportunity to indulge in some luxuries and take better care of her health and figure; however, recently it has been possible to reveal what is the true secret that the monarch uses to maintain an ideal weight.

He with his wife, the queen Camilla Parkerwere crowned on May 6 at the westminster abbey wearing majestic and beautiful outfits to receive the moment where they would mark history, since in the United Kingdom returned to witness a coronation after 70 years. King Carlos III and his wife surprised all their guests with their imposing garments both at the coronation and the concert the day after the great event, which led the media to ask questions about how both monarchs can maintain themselves at such an advanced age. .

According to him Daily Mail the royal commentator Gordon Rayner, revealed the secret of the diet of the current kings of the United Kingdomand it is that this source assured that King Carlos III is a supporter and he likes the martini Composed of half gin and half dry vermouth accompanied by a touch of olive or lemon, Queen Camilla Parker likes the red wine and they both have these drinks just before dinner every night.

In the same way, Gordon commented that when the couple travels abroad, they try to travel with their own liquor so as not to lose the habit they have been carrying out for years. Another diet secret is that King Carlos III run walks from an hour through some hills and we stopped which has led to its maintenance to this day. He also revealed that the diet of monarchs is flexitarianSo try to avoid meat and fish at least twice a week and also avoid dairy products on some occasions.

It seems that the diets that monarchs take have given their results, since it has kept them strong to the point that they remained strong until the day they were crowned.