The recent edition of the contest Miss Universe, It continues to give a lot to talk about on social networks. And it is that recently, the organization was in charge of publishing the interviews of the 16 candidates who qualified for the next round, there, I can see a great confrontation between the two finalists of the contest, Venezuela Y USES, and where the great level and success that both showed before the jury.

the victory of Miss USA in it Miss Universe 2022 held in the city of New Orleans, United States, continues to generate various comments on social networks. And it is that the absolute favorite of the experts and public was by far Amanda Dudamel, representative of Venezuela and who had a brilliant participation, including in his interview with the jury.

The Miss Universe organization published each of the 16 interviews of the candidates who classified the top 16 of the final night of the pageant. And it was through these, in which the great confrontation they experienced could be seen r’bonney and Amanda when they came face to face with the all-female jury.

Both entered at the same time thanks to alphabetical order, one to the north, the other to the south. But they had something in common and it was undoubtedly how well they did their interviews.

However, the security and eloquence of the representative of Venezuela undoubtedly stood out much more than the local representative, which once again caused a great wave of comments in social media.

Despite this, both Venezuela What USES They are very happy with the final results of the contest and hope to see each other in person very soon, since both together with Miss Dominican Republic, second finalist of the contest, they will meet in a few weeks to work together with the organization and in this way, continue promoting the brand of the contest throughout the world.

And you, what do you think of the interviews with the jury of Miss USA and Miss Venezuela?