He prince william He has caught the attention of followers of the British royal family by being seen wearing two watches at the same time during different public engagements. This particular detail, very similar to the style of his mother, Lady Di, has generated speculation about whether it is a tribute to the late princess.

However, according to sources close to royalty, one of the watches used by Prince William is a Omega Seamaster 300m, a jewelery watch that Princess Diana gave to her son and that accompanies him as a permanent reminder of his mother’s love for him. The second watch, for its part, complies with being a tool for the daily life of the prince.

This style of wearing two watches is not new to the British royal family. In 1981, the Princess Diana he appeared in public with two watches during the polo championships. When asked why, she replied that she was simply looking after one of the watches while her husband, now King Charles, played polo.

Although some may find the style of wearing two watches somewhat extravagant, others seem to find it elegant and attractive.

What do you think of the style of the prince william wearing two watches?